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Scott Maruna
Jacksonville , IL


Once a small publishing house, the Swamp Gas Book Co. produced three books: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon: Dispelling the Hysteria, The Curious Person's Guide to the History and Mystery of the Piasa Bird and The Unexplained Mysteries of Jacksonville. Due to ever increasing costs involved with production and postage, the books are now all out-of-print and Swamp Gas Books, despite maintaining its name, has moved away from traditional publishing. 

Scott earned an honors degree in biology and currently teaches chemistry and phsyics in Jacksonville, Illinois.


Scott may be reached via email here.

Biofort Blogging Research Topics

Scott's blog, Biofort can be found here. It covers a range of topics dealing with the intersection of zoology and the unknown. Specifically, Scott's personal areas of interest are:

  • Giant Bird sightings (sometimes referred to as 'Thunderbirds')
  • Audubon's disputed Bird of Washington or Washington eagle
  • Eagle attacks on humans
  • Cougar and large black cat sightings in Illinois
  • Mass Hysteria
  • Fortean or paranormal occurrences and stories from central Illinois

What's New?


SwampGasBooks releases two new books on tarot cards readings. Read the 2nd book about tarot card readings right here.


Scott's recent research paper,

"The American Sârâph:

An Unnatural History of Winged Snakes in North America", was selected to be the lead article in a brand new book entitled Elementum Bestia published by Crypto and now available.


Scott was asked to contribute a forward for a new book entitled The Illinois Road Guide to Haunted Locations, published by Unexplained Research Publishing LLC, available soon.


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Scott Maruna
Jacksonville , IL