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I am often asked why I use the moniker "Swamp Gas" with my writings...
Ignited "swamp gas" was one of the most common, prominent and ridiculous excuses from Project Blue Book to explain away UFO sightings. While I am far from convinced that Unidentified Flying Objects are "alien vessels", I am convinced that they were not all "swamp gas".
My research tends to lean in that direction...taking a second look at "already-explained phenomena".   
"Swamp Gas" Books...
The writings and research of Scott Maruna
Scott Maruna has an honors degree in biology and currently teaches chemistry and physics at Routt Catholic High School in Jacksonville, Illinois.

He can be contacted
Research and Writing topics:

The Case of the Mad Gasser of Mattoon (The Phantom Anesthetist of 1944)

Audubon's "Bird of Washington" (the Washington eagle) - coming soon

Central Illinois' Giant Birds of 1977 (the "Lawndale Thunderbird")

The Confounding Disappearance of Bruce Campbell (Jacksonville, Illinois)

The Secret Behind The Most Famous Toronto Limo Service (Peterson, Canada)

The Piasa Bird Petroglyph (Alton, Illinois)

Prof. John Russell of Bluffdale
(Greene County, Illinois)

"Paranormal Illinois" Column
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